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Claire Hackney


Best selling co-author of 'Meet Me At 10'. Claire Hackney is a former English Literature, Drama and Media Studies teacher who, after attending a local writing group with Vicky and writing several of her own short stories, has now decided to focus her career on full-time novel writing. She is an avid historian and has thoroughly enjoyed researching different aspects of the 1950s as part of her creative language re-write, edit and polish of this novel. Claire is very much looking forward getting started on the many future writing projects she has in the pipeline.

Vicky Jones


Vicky Jones was born in Essex, England. She is an author and singer-songwriter, with numerous examples of her work on iTunes and YouTube. At 20 years old she entered the Royal Navy. After leaving the Navy realizing she was drifting through life with no sense of direction, she wrote a bucket list of 300 things to achieve which took her traveling, facing her fears and going for her dreams. At the time of printing, she is two-thirds of the way through her bucket list. One item on her list was to write a song for a cause. Her antibullying track called "House of Cards" is now on iTunes to download. Writing a novel was on her bucket list, and through a chance writing competition at her local writing group, the idea for Meet Me at 10 was born. Vicky hopes she can change hearts and minds due to some of the gritty themes of the book. Vicky is an avid traveler, stemming from her days traveling the world in the Royal Navy, and has visited around 50 countries so far. She has also graduated from The Open University after studying part time for her degree in psychology and criminology--another bucket list tick! She is currently writing a book about her bucket list adventures alongside planning and writing more fiction books. She now lives in Cheshire, splitting her time between there and visiting her family and friends back in Essex.

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Historical Fiction Series

Book 1: 'Shona' pre-order coming soon.

Book 2: 'Meet Me at 10' out NOW!

Book 3: 'The Beach House' out January 2020

Psychological Thriller Series - COMING 2020!

Book 1: 'The Burying Place'

Book 2: 'We Don't Speak About Mollie'

Book 3: 'Wolves'

Book 4: 'Woodpecker Lodge'

Book 5: 'Tell Me Who You See'

Book 6: 'The Ten Year Old Lie'

The Bucket List Series

Books 1-3: 'Project Me, Project You

Music on iTunes by Vicky Jones - on sale NOW!

'World's Not Stopping Us' 

'Breathe Underwater'

'House Of Cards'

'She's In Love'


'Who Gets To Get You?'

'Wake Me'

'Not Listening'

'How Did You Do That?'

'My Favourite Mistake'


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