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Are there any benefits to listening to audiobooks?

There are lots of benefits actually.

  1. You can listen to audiobooks whilst commuting to work.

2. You can multi-task – You could be cleaning the house whilst listening to your favourite author!

3. Listening to audiobooks can help you focus on a task in hand – You could say ‘I will run until the end of this chapter’ and by listening to the story, you are forgetting you are actually running!

4. You may enjoy the story even more! By hearing a more animated version of the story, you may get hooked into the atmosphere more than reading it in your own voice.

5. Audiobooks are great for people with visual impairments – Nobody loses out on the art of storytelling.

6. Helps with our mental health – If we are listening to a soothing, calm voice, it may make us feel calmer, especially if we are also listening to a book helping us develop certain skills.

Can you listen to audiobooks for free?

Actually you can – kind of.

An Audible trial offers you a great way for a new customer to try audiobooks.

Click image to check this offer out on Amazon

Here’s what you get…

I think this is a great offer as most audiobooks are around £17-22 each to buy.

So if you are only paying around £7.99 after your Free Trial then that’s a good deal in my book!


So what are the Amazon best sellers audiobooks?

These are updated HOURLY, so you will always see which audiobook is most popular!

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Happy reading, happy learning!

See you in the next one…

Vicky & Claire x

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