Self-Publishing? How to come up with book ideas.

What is self-publishing? Put simply, self-publishing is publishing a book without the involvement of a publisher. You take charge of everything from the concept through to the marketing. Why do you need an exciting book idea? Because you will be with your book for a while at least. Anywhere between a few weeks (depending on […]

Self-Publishing mistakes… and how to NOT make them!

You’ve pressed ‘Publish’ on your book. (Yesssss!) Now what? What if you’ve messed up somewhere? How will you know? What if you only sell 2 copies and they are because your mum and aunt bought your book..? This blog will tell you the common mistakes self-published authors make and why, and of course, how to […]

Self-Publishing – the challenges and the solutions.

What is self-publishing? Simply put, it’s writing and publishing your book on your own, without the involvement of a traditional publisher to help market and distribute it. The traditional publishers you would have heard of are: Penguin Random House  Harper Collins Pan Macmillan Bloomsbury Simon & Schuster The difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Overall direction. […]

Self-Publishing? Does a great book cover matter…?

What is Self-Publishing? According to Wikipedia, a definition of Self-Publishing is: Self-publishing is the publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher. The term usually refers to written media, such as books and magazines, either as an ebook or as a physical copy using POD (print on demand) technology. Basically, you do everything yourself; the writing, editing, proofreading, marketing, and yes, […]

How much do authors make?

So, you’re either naturally curious or you’re thinking of dipping your toe into the world of writing books. The big question is- How much do authors make? The honest answer is – it depends. On MANY variables. One of the big variables is whether or not you are traditionally published or self-published. Traditionally published What […]

How to get over Writer’s Block. (5 instant tips)

What is Writers Block? It’s a blimmin’ headache that’s what! Ok, so what is it really? It’s basically losing the ability to continue with a creative project. You just can not seem to come up with the very next word or phrase. You’ve hit a brick wall. Sometimes it can be unable to come up […]

Self Publishing? Here’s what to include on your Author Website…

So you’ve started self-publishing and are wondering if you should get a website and if so, what you should include on it to help get you sales. But you don’t have loads of money or the tech savviness to know what to include. Honestly don’t worry… We were the same. When we first started writing, […]

Author Essentials – What every writer needs!

Are you an inspiring author? Or are you looking for that perfect gift for the future bestselling writer in your life? From personal experience and asking around, here is what every writer needs: I’m going to approach it as if you have zero things in your virtual shopping basket. We are going to start from […]