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So, how do you make passive income from branded notebooks and journals?

It’s easier to show you…

One of our clients Jo who is a counsellor, said the problem was, that she encouraged her clients to journal in order to make their counselling even more effective.

But she was repeating herself over and over as to some ideas what to write.

The solution was – she creates her own journals that her clients buy (money in her pocket) and the interior is filled with pre-written questions so the client only has to answer them which in turn will make their counselling experience more powerful.


Jo replied:

"The books were amazing quality when they came through the post!"
joanne pitt
Joanne Pitt
Counsellor and Therapist

One of Jo’s clients messaged her and said: “It’s much better than thinking what to write after a lesson. Now I know what I need to be recording.”

Jo says she wishes she had done it sooner!

Jo is making money from her notebooks and journals and solving her clients’ problems!

Here are three of Jo’s most recently created journals.


That's great for Jo! - But how does it help YOU?

Pretty much, no matter what your business, you can take advantage of this especially if you are in the following business sectors:

Gym owner

Fitness Instructor

Private tutor of any kind

Social media influencer

Any kind of therapist



Basically if you have clients, this is for you…

If you want an extra form of income without the hassle of doing it yourself, your business will be seen on the biggest store in the world- amazon!

Especially if you just want to just stay sane throughout the entire process!

Here’s why…

You are busy and have enough to deal with and gaining clients isn’t a guarantee so this new extra income will be a welcome addition, right?

Here's HOW and WHY we can make you this promise...

We are a small business that care about our clients and go over and above to deliver RESULTS.


We started off publishing fiction (and we still do, check us out on Amazon to see the quality of our work), then we ventured into non-fiction, and now we work with clients to create their books for them.

Within 24 hours of us sending you the finished product, you can start making money!

Every minute you wait is another minute your competitor is discovering us and you’re genuinely leaving easy money on the table…

Jo made her money back within 24 hours!

No ads were involved!

Branding is a fantastic and essential way to add credibility to your business. The more products you have, the more serious your business looks and the more you help your customers (or be discovered by new customers) - win-win!

The Package We Offer You

You get a package that includes 2 front covers, formatted interior, copy-writing that will help sell your journal, keyword and niche research to ensure your journal stands out, and help with uploading to amazon (or we can do this for you).

Also included are 2 separate images that you can use to help sell on social media of your new branded journal so your customers feel compelled to buy!

You get all of this included for only £149

Or… £25 for each subsequent front cover design (with same interior) i.e. different images, colours, phrases etc. to test and give your customer choices.

In Fact, Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get

  • Once your journal or notebook goes live, you can send your Amazon link to your Facebook page, Instagram, email list etc… and start earning immediately!
  • Each individual stage of this process would cost you a lot more! We do it all for you. And we love it!
  • You don’t have to worry about spending hours trying to figure out how to design front covers or pay for expensive software, formatting your text, copywriting, keyword research etc. we do it all for you!
  • You simply fill out the form at the bottom, and we get to work, leaving you to get on with your day! You’ll only hear from us when we need your approval.
  • You’ll have another way to earn money and build branding within your field and stand above the competition
  • You have probably always wanted to create products that help highlight your business, well here is the answer!
  • Your new journal will not only make you money while you sleep, but it will help your customers with whatever problems they are facing, without the need to repeat yourself.
  • You will show that you are experts in your field by identifying solutions and ideas for your customers. You are essentially in their homes 24/7. 

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