About to Publish a Non-Fiction Book? Get Bite-Sized Advice for Big Sales Results!

Are you a Self-Publisher who wants your non-fiction book to stand out on Amazon and make money in your sleep? Well, with one click,’ you’ve sorted the ‘ZERO SALES’ disaster! You need to ensure that the words you use in your Amazon KDP Book Listing are EXACTLY what your target audience is typing in otherwise […]

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 24 Hours!

Start earning money talking about your passion and serving your audience at the same time with this awesome method! You will discover how to write a non-fiction book the easy way and give your customers EXACTLY what they want by using the data that is available at your fingertips! The idea of ‘writing’ a book […]

Get Your Book Launch Off To A Flying Start With This…

This will help you to make more book sales – EASILY! This should be part of your Book Launch checklist. What if you could at a click of the mouse, could see exactly which books you should create, how much that niche is making, which keywords to use and which extra categories your book can […]

Self-Publishing? How to Write a Book Your Readers Can’t Put Down!

I’m going to teach you how to write an addictive page-turner every time and how to get 5-star reviews like these in the process! Are you wanting to write awesome fiction books? Do you struggle with HOW to grab your reader? Do you want awesome book reviews? Then keep reading… This blog is all about how to write […]

How to get your product on the first page of amazon – the FUN way!

I literally just had this thought after we pressed ‘Publish’ on one of our latest (non-fiction) books. So this is vital whether you publish fiction or non-fiction. In short, its literally a keyword research all-in-one powerful tool (that I thought would be too complicated for somebody like me) I will be honest – I hate learning […]

Why Helium 10 Cerebro is your new go-to all-in-one tool for super easy Keyword Research for Amazon and skyrocket your profits by having cheaper CPC campaigns! You’re either thinking of selling on Amazon, or you already are selling on amazon and you are getting overtaken by your competitors… How frustrating is that? You feel like […]

5 POWERFUL (and easy) strategies of how Helium 10 has enabled me to earn PASSIVE income by marketing on Amazon (and how you can too!)

Are you thinking of starting an online business? Wondering how to promote on the Amazon marketplace (and more importantly make a PROFIT?) Confused about keyword research? Then keep reading… I think we can agree that Amazon is a search engine (Search engines allow users to search the internet for content using keywords – https://www.nibusinessinfo.co.uk/) Meaning, […]

Publisher Rocket – Why I love it and why you should get it.

Why are over 30,000 authors choosing Publisher Rocket as their go-to book marketing tool? Well, I’m proudly one of those 30,000. BUT… I was also one of those people who subscribed to everything, bought every course, piece of software and then… didn’t do anything with them as I’d got myself into a bit of a […]