How Do Self-Published Authors Make Money?

Are you wondering how self-published authors make money? Are you toying with the idea of self-publishing your book on Amazon? If you want to learn how do self-publish authors make money, then read on. You’ll get insights from authors, us, who are making money from self-publishing. This post is all about answering the question of […]

How to Write a Character Arc – The Easy Way!

Are you wondering how to write a character arc and make your novel more compelling? Do you struggle with knowing how to make your characters more interesting? Do you even know what a character arc is? (Many don’t) Do you want the secret behind how to write a character arc that will have your readers […]

Good Crime Fiction Books to Read Right Away – Get Your Thriller Fix!

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How Do You Start Writing a Non-Fiction Book the Right Way?

How do you start writing a non-fiction book? So, you’ve always wanted to share your passion, experience and expertise with the world, right? But you always wondered how do you start writing a non-fiction book? This step-by-step formula will help you realise your dream even if you’ve never written anything before! How do you start […]

Can You Self-Publish a Book for Free?

Self-publishing is basically where you publish a book yourself. But is it possible to save some money in the process? Can you self-publish a book for free? That’s the 64,000 dollar question, right? Firstly, we need to understand what is self-publishing? That means you come up with an idea for the book, you arrange your […]

Is it Worth it to Self-Publish a Book?

First of all, we need to understand what self-publishing is. What is self-publishing?  In a nutshell, self-publishing is where you do all the work.  So, that starts off with you come up with a concept for an idea of a book, you arrange all the editing, the proofreading, the book cover design and the marketing. […]

Self-Publishing? How to come up with story ideas.

This blog post is all about how to come up with story ideas that you are excited about! What is self-publishing? Put simply, self-publishing is publishing a book without the involvement of a publisher. You take charge of everything from the concept through to the marketing. Why do you need exciting story ideas? Because you […]

Self-Publishing mistakes… and how to NOT make them!

You’ve pressed ‘Publish’ on your book. (Yesssss!) Now what? What if you’ve messed up somewhere? How will you know? What if you only sell 2 copies and they are because your mum and aunt bought your book..? This blog will tell you the common mistakes self-published authors make and why, and of course, how to […]

Self-Publishing – the challenges and the solutions.

What is self-publishing? Simply put, it’s writing and publishing your book on your own, without the involvement of a traditional publisher to help market and distribute it. The traditional publishers you would have heard of are: Penguin Random House  Harper Collins Pan Macmillan Bloomsbury Simon & Schuster The difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Overall direction. […]