I literally just had this thought after we pressed ‘Publish’ on one of our latest (non-fiction) books.

So this is vital whether you publish fiction or non-fiction.

In short, its literally a keyword research all-in-one powerful tool (that I thought would be too complicated for somebody like me)

I will be honest – I hate learning new technology – hate it, do you?

But, I do LOVE what it can do. I even geek out a little.

On Youtube videos, I kept seeing this software called ‘Helium 10’ and thought ‘that won’t be for someone like me’.

But I couldn’t ignore the titles of the videos by all the different people using it and how much all of the tools had had a positive impact on their business.

Ok, I’ll bite.

Very long story short…

And I wanted to wait a long time to recommend it, while I used ALL of the tools from Helium 10 that I CAN NOT DO WITHOUT.

Since I have used it, I’m pretty much guaranteed to rank on page 1 for my chosen keyword.

You dream of ranking on page 1 of Amazon, right? It’s where the money is. Nobody scrolls to pages 7, 8 etc.

Do you?

My favourite, must-use tools are:

You can discover the most searched for keywords, and add them to your listing to ensure you appear top.

Did I mention how much I love this…? (Sorry..)

Don’t be put off AT ALL that there seem to be lots of tools. It literally means you get loads of value for your money.

There are so many ways to get ahead of your competition!

One of my favourite new tools from Helium 10!

I did the free trials, and the cheaper version per month and then realised I couldn’t do without it and clicked on a YouTuber’s link to get a discounted monthly price and discovered I could do the same and pass on that discount to my audience.

I made my monthly money back with ease. It would actually cost me NOT to have it now – no joke.

You can save it as a chrome extension when you use it several times a day like me.

Just google or look up YouTube videos on Helium 10 as there are a ton of videos explaining how to use it.

So, I’m passing on the same discount that I got which was:

50% off of your first month or

10% off each month

(For your info, I’m on the  PLATINUM plan and wouldn’t change it.

Have fun and enjoy seeing your book on page 1 as we do!

Click on the blue button to make sure you get your discount and watch all the videos on YouTube to maximise this awesome powerful tool!

Take care,

Vicky & Claire x

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