Are you thinking of starting an online business?

Wondering how to promote on the Amazon marketplace (and more importantly make a PROFIT?)

Confused about keyword research?

Then keep reading…

I think we can agree that Amazon is a search engine (Search engines allow users to search the internet for content using keywords –

Meaning, that if you (the customer) were searching for a camping tent for 4 people as you are playing on going away, you are likely to type in “camping tents for 4 people”, agreed?

This is what you will see:

Pretty simple, eh?

The top 10-15 positions on Amazon are likely to get 80-90% of sales so we can also agree it’s pretty good being in that position, right?

So, the million-dollar question is… exactly HOW do we get in THOSE positions?

That’s where the Helium 10 tool is not only ‘useful’ it’s VITAL and I wouldn’t be without it. No doubt about it, you set yourself ahead of your competitors and more importantly, you can almost guarantee that YOUR competitors either have Helium 10 or it is only a matter of time before they discover it.

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What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is an all-in-one software with various tools that are vital for an e-commerce business to stay ahead of the competition and increase its profits.

Tools include: keyword research, listing builder, product research, reviews and much, much more…

Helium 10 Reviews:

What people are saying about Helium 10 (I feel the same way!)

“We have witnessed the actual MIRACLES Helium 10 can do to Amazon Listing!” (Damian) – TrustPilot

“I highly recommend Helium10 and would not want to run my business without it.” (Geri) – TrustPilot

What do I do first?

Download Helium 10 (I can give you a discount here) all you need to decide is which discount is best; 50% off you first month or a discount for life…?

How I use Helium 10 now:

Obviously totally depending on your niche, but I specialise in book publishing. So I will walk you through EXACTLY what I do from beginning to end.

We are going to be talking about:

You’re probably thinking, what?

But all will be revealed…

You will first see this screen after you have downloaded Helium 10 and created your account which is step-by-step.

At first, it looks a bit confusing, but that’s more to do with me! Haha..

It actually feels fun to ‘play’ around with all the different tools and the YouTube videos are soooo helpful!

Just literally type in Helium 10 Magnet Tool’ etc.

So, let’s begin…

Helium 10 Magnet provides you with the opportunity to create and then filter your keywords.

How to use helium 10 Magnet:

You’re probably wondering:
How do you search for a word in Helium 10?


For me, say if I wanted to create a new activity book for kids.

You will click on Magnet and you will come to this screen:

In the box where it says ‘Enter 1 keyword’ I would simply write:

Activity Book For Kids and this is what will come up.

The bottom half of the screen = lots of keywords!

The 2 titles I have put a red ring around are the 2 I concentrate on first.


Now what?

Let’s filter!

We ONLY want ideas that don’t have a lot of competition. I always filter to around 2500 for competing products.

So out of 2948 keywords at the start, what do I end up with now?

Still too many (but a LOVELY problem to have!)

I then went to the ‘Search Volume’ filter and typed in 250 as I wanted my product to have at least 250 people a month searching for it otherwise it’s a waste of time.

This means that the keywords that are filtered HAVE to have a search volume of 250 or more a month on Amazon.

How many keywords are we left with now that we could work with?

So, potentially, there are 35 products that are related to our main keyword of ‘Activity Books For Kids’ with no more than 2500 competition products and have a search volume of 250 or more on Amazon.

Let’s dig a litter deeper…

I ONLY want my keyword to show ‘Activity Book’ and not other unrelated words.

So I would type in ‘Activity Book’ in the Show Phrases that Contain section which you will find when you click ‘Advanced Filters’ which are awesome.

The final result is:

I know that if I made either or both of these activity books, I would stand an awesome chance of making money AND I wouldn’t have even thought of this niche before!

Ok… so what do I do now?

You can find out what the BESTSELLING ‘No worries Activity Book’ do by using Cerebro (one of my favourite Helium 10 tools!)

Type in:

Into Amazon and see which books come up.

Install Helium 10 chrome extension.

You will then be able to access to Helium 10 XRAY tool.

Click on it.

You will then see this:

What I then do is click on the SALES or BSR arrows so that the RELATED bestselling books are top.

(Remember: the LOWER the BSR the MORE sales it has had)

I then would ‘CLICK’ ONLY the books that seemed related to my keyword ‘No worries Activity Book’

Then I would click ‘RUN KEYWORD SEARCH’

Would then get this on your screen:

So what is this?

These are ALL the keywords that the related books to our keywords, are ranking for/searched for.

But, not all the words are relevant to us.

If we can find out the BEST PERFORMING KEYWORDS, we can add them to our title, subtitle, description and back-end keywords to improve our SEO.

If you click on the ‘show more’ button here:

Then one of the best things about using Helium 10 Cerebro, is that we can find out the best keywords that ALL of the bestselling books have in common in a couple of easy steps – watch.

I’m normally only concerned about the Search volume and the Advanced rank Filter.

I’ve typed in 1 min and 10 max in the advanced rank box – this means that I want Cerebro to look at all the ASINS we have picked from the XRAY search we did earlier.

The numbers 1-15 indicated that I want to see ONLY the keywords that appear in the top 1-15 on a page i.e. page 1 on amazon.

Let’s see what we get….

The results:

Can you see how RELATED these Keywords are! In a split second, we have found 367 RELEVANT/RELATED keywords that we could add to our titles, subtitles, descriptions and back-end.

Easily one of my favourite keyword research tools ever!

We can still filter some more…

I want ONLY the keywords that apply to ‘KIDS’ to I COULD go through all 367 keywords manually, but why would I do that if I could just type the word ‘kids’ in a box and Helium 10 sorts it for me?

Want to see the results?

We are left with 31 keywords that have the word ‘Kids’ in.

If you wanted more, you filter to ‘child, children, kids’ etc. in the ‘Phrases containing’ box.

By doing this, you have now created even more relevant keywords:

Is every single keyword relevant, nope. But we went from thousands to 63 in just a few clicks!

Ok, now what do we do?

We use FRANKENSTEIN to reduce further.

What exactly IS Frankestein Helium 10?

Helium 10’s Frankenstein is the Vital Bridge Between Keyword Research and Amazon Listing Optimization. Helium 10’s Frankenstein tool was designed to clean up massive keyword lists and turn them into traffic generators by optimizing your listings. (Click here for source)

Then you will see this:

Now just manually click the few that aren’t relevant and press ‘PROCESS’ at the bottom.

We are left with this highly relevant list:

How cool is this!?

Now you have a few options:

Your MAIN keyword remember is: No Worries Activity Book

The list above on the right is all ideas we can add to our subtitle, description and back-end.

Want to see what I do?

I would copy and paste the list onto a separate sheet (you will use it in a bit) and if Helium 10 wasn’t already amazing, you can filter these keywords into words frequency to fill in the gaps.

See what I mean… I click on these filters on FRANKENSTEIN

What I’m doing is removing duplicate words, single letters, most common words (because I ONLY want powerful keywords) AND I want to know out of all the keywords, which words show up the most in customer search terms?


Because I know that I NEED to have these words in my listing otherwise I’m leaving money on the table.

This was the result:

Ok, so what do we have now?

We have our title:

No Worries Activity Book

And we have all the words that we NEED to get in the rest of our listing.

Obviously, there is only enough room for so many.

This is what I would do:

Use my list from before PLUS the top singular words from the list above:

And then use SCRIBBLES! (This could be evolving into something better soon…)

What is Scribbles Helium 10?

Scribbles Is An Easy-To-Use Listing Optimization Tool.

Let’s see its magic in action!

Now click ‘APPLY’ at the bottom

The singular keywords are in the top section and our popular phrases are in the bottom section.

The words are colour-coded.



And so on…

Try to include red and amber words/phrases in your listing and you know you will up there with the best.

Let’s create the listing.

My title and subtitle – (Please don’t judge, it’s not a real listing! Haha)

What do we have now?


No Worries Activity Book

The perfect anxiety relief for kids! This amazing happy guide full of activities will help your anxious child forget all about their worry by learning how to be mindful


Do you wish you knew a way of helping your anxious child?

Want to see their confidence sky-rocket?

Look no further:

Our ‘No worries activity book’ for kids is the answer.

Packed full of activities that will help your child:

– Learn about their anxiety and where it comes from

– Enjoy mindful exercises which will free them from their anxious thoughts

– Use CBT techniques that will help boost their resilience and self-esteem!

– Understand all about their emotional intelligence

If you want your child to feel free from anxiety, click to order now!


anxiety kids mindful learning activity activities don’t worry mindfulness

anxiety relief for children childs emotional intelligence anxious child

education building confidence

Obviously, you will need more words than this, but you get the picture.

I did this in a few minutes!

I would go as far as to say you CAN’T be without Helium 10 if you’re in a business.

There are SO many tools, I’m also using it to make my amazon ads more profitable than they have EVER been!

I made my money back within 2 weeks and I paid full price!

Your helium 10 discount!

More Helium 10 Reviews:

“Couldn’t run our business without it” (Dee) TrustPilot

Intuitive and useful tools to quickly make good decisions. Wouldn’t be without it on the Amazon FBA journey” (Kay) TrustPilot

“It’s highly intuitive and very useful to do researches” (Doomi) TrustPilot

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