Are you wondering how self-published authors make money?

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This post is all about answering the question of ‘How do self-published authors make money?

How do we as self-published authors make money?

We have self-published fiction, non-fiction, activity books for kids, notebooks, journals, etc.

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So on forums or on Facebook groups, a lot of the authors say they make money by having a strategy or having a series and investing their money in advertising.

We have experience in this area.

We can honestly say that the more books that we publish, the more money that we make.

However, it does all depend on the quality of the book as well. I’ve written a blog post on how you can make your books even better.

If you’ve only got one book, and it’s not of high quality, you won’t make a lot of money.

That can’t be a shock though, right?

There is so much competition on Amazon that if you only do a search of your niche, you will see the competition.

If you take a look at all the front covers, the reviews and the blurb, you can see where you would stand if you put your book against those.

Is your niche in high demand?

Such as if it’s a crime genre or if it’s romance.

Look at the demand for crime fiction! over 100,000 results!

How much does a self-published author earn per book?

Per book, Amazon can pay between 30% and 70% royalties.

It all depends on how much you charge for your books.

For instance, if you were to charge 99p for your e-book, you would receive 30% royalty. If you charge 1.99 or more, you would receive 70% royalty.

So you can see that I selected 70% royalty on one of our books above.

We are charging £3.99.

We will make £2.76 every time somebody buys it.

When it comes to paperbacks, it all depends on how many pages because Amazon will do all the printing.

They’ll work out how much it costs to print each book.

But as soon as you set your price, Amazon will tell you how much money you’ll make as a royalty on each book in the same way as the picture above.

Can you make a living as a self-published author?

The answer is yes, but you have to put the work in.

From our experience, it is a lot better to write quality books.

And to then setup systems, have an email list, advertise regularly and constantly learn from people who are doing better than you.

I would say within the first year, it might be difficult to make a full-time living as a self-published author.

But it is possible…

The mistake I made was when we first wrote our book, Meet Me at 10, I thought just because we put it on Amazon, it would become a best-seller without any work, just because of the fact it was on Amazon, which is the biggest bookstore in the world.

I was wrong.

Really wrong..

As I said, there’s so much competition that you have to put the work in to get the eyes on your book.

Once your book is against somebody else’s, it comes down to the book cover, the blurb, the reviews, even the look inside to determine if someone’s going to pick your book over somebody else’s.

How much profit does an author make per book?

For a 99p book, they make 30%

For a 1.99 book or over, they make 70%.

But this is not including if you also publish audiobooks, which are a different price bracket.

It depends on how long your audiobook is.

You should definitely do this to increase your revenue as we have found recently.

At first, you might, you might not have the money to pay a narrator upfront, but I would recommend that you pay them upfront as soon as you can.

Then you get 100% of the royalties from then on (Not share 50% royalty share)

How much do you first-time self-published authors make?

Being completely honest, sometimes it’s not a lot.

But it is subjective, where some person’s not a lot could be somebody else’s rich.

The main thing you need to do is to build up an audience and get lots of good reviews.

If possible, to build up a series. Now, these could be fiction or nonfiction books.

Think of it like Netflix.

When you binge-watch something on Netflix, you do exactly the same when you’re reading a book.

So the more books that you’ve got out, especially if they’re the same genre or the same storyline, the same characters, people are more likely to go straight on and read the next one.

How much do self-published authors make if they get a best seller?

This is a difficult one because it could be a bestseller in their category or it could be the best seller on the whole of Amazon.

Obviously, the goal is to be a bestseller on the whole of Amazon. If you’re doing that, you’re making a hell of a lot of money!

So below, I’ll link to a very, very rough idea of how many books are selling per day, depending on the ranking of that book.

CLICK HERE to see it in action

I put in ‘1’ as in a book was number 1 in the bestsellers chart on the whole of Amazon. It’s telling me that book (VERY approximately – not 100% accurate) is selling in the region of 6390 books a DAY!

If that book is 99p, the author will make: £1897 A DAY! (30% profit of 99p remember)

If the author is charging £3.99, they will make: £17,847 A DAY! (70% profit on anything over 99p)


So, self-published authors make money from a variety of ways, whether it’s e-books, paperbacks, audiobooks, or also they can go onto use their books to be like a business card where they can do speaking engagements or they might turn their knowledge into a course.

This post is all about answering the question of ‘How do self-published authors make money?

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