This blog post is all about how to come up with story ideas that you are excited about!

What is self-publishing?

Put simply, self-publishing is publishing a book without the involvement of a publisher. You take charge of everything from the concept through to the marketing.

Why do you need exciting story ideas?

Because you will be with your book for a while at least. Anywhere between a few weeks (depending on the length of your book) to years in some cases.

Our debut novel ‘Meet Me At 10’ took 2 years to bring to life. (Oh I’ve learned a lot since then!)

Brainstorming story ideas.

An easy way to come up with story ideas is simply to brainstorm.

I literally wrote this out in seconds.

Pick 3-4 things out of this brainstorm.

I’ll go first…

  1. Soldier
  2. Journey
  3. Betrayed
  4. Love

Then you can start to add sentences around those words such as:

A SOLDIER was coming back from war. Had a long JOURNEY home. He was looking to propose to the LOVE of his life, but got home and felt BETRAYED by what he saw.

Again, I made that up in seconds.

Already, I can imagine the theme and setting of the book. I can even picture the soldier telling his friends about his wonderful girlfriend, only to find she has broken his heart.

What happened?

And what happens now…..?

Try brainstorming story ideas yourself.

At this stage, DO NOT EDIT.

You want to come up with lots of ideas where you have the luxury of picking the best, most exciting book idea for you to work with.

Book ideas generator

These kinds of things are great.

You will end up with endless book ideas!

Check out this online book ideas generator.

I’ve personally used this one before. I think for names and personalities too.

Or what about the ‘Writer’s Toolbox’?

A fun way to come up with all kinds of book ideas! We actually have this ourselves! It was a very thoughtful gift.

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Books that can help you…

You can’t go wrong with this book.

All you need to do is what I did in the beginning and add the words, names, situations to sentences and see what happens!

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Or try this one?

Instantly Ignite Your Imagination with Over 900 Unique Writing Prompts!
Writers know that good writing is dependent on unique, interesting ideas. Kick your imagination into gear with this collection of hand-picked, hand-crafted, explosively creative writing prompts!

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How to get story ideas for fiction writing – FICTION SQUARES!

How do you use them?

You can draw your own out or use ours.

In the first column, come up with some occupations/characters.

In the next column, write out random objects.

Column 3, write out different locations.

In column 4, write out motivations. These are things like:

Love, hunger, greed, revenge, justice etc.

(You need these to make a good book- it’s the driving force)

Then lastly, you want an obstacle (known as a conflict). This makes your story interesting for the reader. It would be boring if it all went to plan, right?

Now pick different combinations and think of which genres these would fit and see which ones spark an interest.

Then what?

You’ve picked your favourite 2-3, now what?

How exactly do you take that from an idea, to a first draft of a book?

Well, that’s where we come in…

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Have you always wanted to write a book?

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This blog has shown you how to come up with story ideas that you will get excited about!

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