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How to Write a Book Your Readers will Love!
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It’s all about the planning…

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Quick story…

I’ve always struggled, whether it be a short story or a novel to keep with a theme. Or I’ll have an idea in my head of how I want my story to end, and I’ve never seen it end up there.

And it’s so frustrating.

 The story would wander around and I didn’t know exactly WHAT made a story a compelling story.

The trick is really to have a bit of an outline or a formula as a guide and you WILL get the ending that you want.

We will cover:

Let’s dive in…

Title – How To Make Them Grab YOUR BOOK Off The Shelf

Blend in and stand out…

Readers are territorial – they know what they like. If a title doesn’t ‘sound’ like something in their genre, they won’t buy it.

As humans, we like to have questions answered. Think the same way as titles; ‘Behind Closed Walls’ (I made that up) for a crime book would make me think as a reader ‘What’s behind the walls? it sounds bad… but HOW bad?’

Look at the top 50 bestselling books on Amazon in your niche. How many words are in the title? What question does each title ‘ask’?

Make sure your book title ‘fits’ in with your genre, using the same kind of language and asks questions.

Readers will want to read your book to find out the answer – so that’s the first part of your book marketing done.

One of our books is called ‘Meet Me at 10’

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Why did we call it this? (We had several other titles). Because ‘Meet Me At 10’ asks the reader questions; who is meeting at 10? Why are they meeting at 10? Where are they meeting? Is it in secret? If so, why? The more questions you can get your readers to ‘ask’ the better…

Look at the Crime genre on Amazon

They are great for ‘asking questions’ –

What’s in the letter?

Who is it actually from?

What happens now that it has been read?

Who has gone to her grave?

What happens now?

Has that woman taken a secret with her?

The Wallop Scene – Floor Your Readers!

Main Characters – Make Them Good And Bad

Create A Sizzling Plot Twist!

The method we use to plan our books.

Give ’em A Jaw-dropping Ending!

We have used these steps and I would argue that because we do, our books take our readers on a ride of emotions and events (check out our reviews and you will see!)

 Final Thoughts:

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