Start earning money talking about your passion and serving your audience at the same time with this awesome method!

You will discover how to write a non-fiction book the easy way and give your customers EXACTLY what they want by using the data that is available at your fingertips!

The idea of ‘writing’ a book seems overwhelming, right?

You keep putting it off and so it never gets done.

You feel like a failure and wonder if your book will ‘ever’ see the light of day and get into people’s hands.

Ok, well think differently to arrive at the same destination.

Instead of ‘writing’ a book, ‘speak’ your book.


You get the same result, in a fraction of the time. You wish that what was in your brain could just magically appear on the page, well now it can…

By using your voice, you will be able to create an incredible business that you wished you did years ago.

Do you want to know how you can write a non-fiction book in a matter of 24 hours?

Then you’ll want to keep reading…

I’m going to pretend that I’m going to write a new non-fiction book so you can see it in action:

My example:

How to make money online for beginners.

  1. Pick your niche – health and wellness, money, spirituality etc.

I’m going to pick: Making Money from Home

Example questions readers want to be answered about making money online: I got these suggestions from Google.

How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

Which is the best website to earn money?

What is the easiest way to make money online

How to make money without spending money

What is the fastest way to make money

I would organise these into buckets such as:

Chapter 1

The fastest way to start making money

Chapter 2

The easiest way to make money without spending money

Chapter 3

How to make £100 a day and more – high ticket earning

Then I would include: the benefits 2-3 tips, and how you overcame some struggles.

Now your outline looks like this:

Chapter 1

The fastest way to start making money

Chapter 2

The easiest way to make money without spending money

Chapter 3

How to make £100 a day and more – high ticket earning

Now, this is where the magic is...

You can EITHER:

Google the answers but DO NOT COPY but write the answers next to each point.

Or, if it’s something you know inside out, then simply have your outline in front of you and use your phone as a voice recorder.

This is the exact app I use when I do this.

Hit record.

Speak freely about the answers to each question as if you were telling somebody in front of you.

Your book is recorded!

What do I do now?

Get your voice recording transcribed using

(Tip – I personally would opt for the ‘Human translation’ as for a book, it will come out with very few errors.

I’ve tried both so I would honestly say use ‘Human’.

It will come back within 6 hours at the latest.

Some of my ‘long recordings’ have come back within 45 mins – they are lightning speed with awesome accuracy.

Now what?

Check it over.

Format it using Vellum

This is so it is in the right format to upload onto amazon.

Get your book cover designed.

Depending on your budget, you can use (I use these A LOT!)

Literally, create an account.

Type in ‘Book Cover Designer’

Look at the reviews and order.

For non-fiction, this is who we use: Check out the reviews!

Go onto amazon.

Type in your niche.

Go to the bestsellers and look at 5-10 front covers.

What do they all have in common, what’s their quality like?

Take screenshots of the covers and send over to the designer at

BUT DO NOT COPY – YOU WILL GET INTO TROUBLE. It’s simply for inspiration and to understand the quality.

In my experience, the more specific your instructions to your book cover designer, the better – please learn from me

Check it over.

If you are not confident, watch this video:


Now you want to make sales right…I mean, that’s what matters..

I’ve put together a step-by-step cheat sheet guide to help you do it stress-free!

Click HERE

Once you have got the cheat sheets above, THEN upload to amazon.

You maybe leaving money on the table due to the ‘Keyword’ selection – all will be clear when you get your free guide.




Enjoy the journey!

Vicky x

Happy to help if you get stuck!

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