Easy Method to Get Your Books In Front of Your Eager Readers!

If people know you and they know to search for your book title, then, of course, your book will get found.

But what if you’re a newbie author or don’t have a big audience?

Your book will get swallowed up by the authors who are already doing this method. You will be losing sales every day.

You want your title to be the thing that entices your reader. And your subtitle is the thing that gets your book found.

You want your book to be exposed to as many people as possible. That means you need Amazon to help you out, and that’s what we’re going to discuss.

Your title is what entices readers ONCE they find you.

Your title needs to be intriguing and ask questions and provokes thinking in your reader.

One of our crime novels is called The Burying Place. That would intrigue readers to think, “Well, what is in this burying place? Where is this burying place? What happens if whatever is buried gets discovered? What are the consequences?”

That’s what I mean by enticing your readers.

You want your title to provoke questions. That is what will convince someone whether to click that buy button or not.

But before this can even happen, you must find a way of getting your book found in online bookstores such as Amazon.

It’s your subtitle is actually the thing that gets you found on Amazon. These are likely to be the words that your readers type in a search bar.

Taken from our How to Write a Winning Fiction Book Outline – Crime Workbook

Put yourself in the reader’s position for a minute…

They might search for an idea of what they fancy reading.

So for this example, I’ve put “dark gripping crime thriller.” in the search bar.

Your reader has got money to spend, and they’re looking for a book that will fit that description.

If YOUR book listing has “dark gripping crime thriller” in it somewhere, Amazon will show this to your reader.

It may not be the first or the tenth listing, but it will show up.

Your book is telling Amazon that it’s a good fit for this reader.

Optimizing your book listing is well worth spending time on, TRUST ME.

A little formula that I put together was:

Intriguing title plus SEO-friendly subtitle. Simple!

This comes from the workbook that is jam-packed full of how to write a crime outline from scratch.

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We have already done the work for you in this workbook.

These are the words that we discovered are what people are searching for in the search bar.

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You obviously wouldn’t put all these words together, because it would look clumsy.

If you feel that any of these are relevant to your story, then add these to your subtitle. (Or your back-end keywords)

So a pretend example that I came up with was the title:

“Secrets Within Walls” and the subtitle is:

Unputdownable Gripping Crime Thriller.

“Who knows these secrets? What happens if these secrets get exposed? What are the consequences?”

These are the questions my readers will be asking themselves.

If somebody was to type in ‘Gripping Crime Thriller’ into Amazon, my book will show up.

I’m not saying that my book would come up number one in the searches, but it’s at least going to feature.

You’re going to get more sales than if you didn’t have this in mind.

That is just one of the many tips from How to Write a Winning Fiction Book Outline for Crime.

It is now available on Amazon, check out the links.

It would really benefit you for going through these modules, just to make sure that you cover everything. Because if you don’t, you could be missing out on sales.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful.

We are doing this for other genres, as you can see here.

See you in the next one.