Do you ever struggle with novel writing?

You start writing your novel, and you know roughly how you want it to end, but just get stuck in the middle. 

Or, you get bored reading your own story and you’re thinking, ‘how can I spice it up?’

You have all these amazing ideas but you don’t have a process for taking it from beginning, middle, and end.

We were in the same position when we started off Meet Me at 10, which is our debut novel.

We wrote this using the method you will see…

And, to be completely honest, I just didn’t know how to structure a novel. 

We had tried the pantsing method, but it doesn’t work for us.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work for anybody, by the way. It just doesn’t work for us because we like to have a proven, repeatable formula.

We like to know that when we create a novel and we send it off to our editor, it’s going to be a fun rollercoaster of a story every single time.

And the repeatable method we use now has come from this video. 


This video is called Creative Spark by Dustin Lance Black, an Oscar Winning Screenwriter.

You can see in this picture, he’s essentially reading his screenplay.

I’d come across it by accident and it’s like it landed in my lap at the right time.

And even though he’s writing screenplays, you can use it to write a novel. We have adapted this process and have put it into our How to Write a Winning Fiction Book Outline workbook.

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It’s a series that is available on Amazon now.

We’ve incorporated this simple, game-changing method into the workbook.

You’ll see in the video that he talks about which bits are boring, and he just changes them there and then with the note cards.

If he’s got to add in a scene to join something up, then that’s what he does.

It’s a lot easier to do than to write the whole novel, send it to your editor, THEN re-write it.

This process will save you a lot of time AND stress!

Now, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life.

You can start off with three or four index cards and then you add a few more to flesh out a scene, and before you know it, you’ve got a whole table like what he has.

All we’ve done is reverse engineer it with our workbooks.

We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. We have actually added all the prompts that you would need to flesh out your scenes, and in the right order.

So, if you’re struggling to see an idea through to the end, watch this video called Creative Spark, Dustin Lance Black.

It’s a game-changer and nothing short of a miracle.

We know that you’re going to be able to not only start your novel, but you’re going to be able to finish it as well.

Hope you enjoy that video, we know that you’re going to love the workbook and we’d love to hear how you get on.

Vicky & Claire x