How To Write A Winning Fiction Book Outline – Romance Workbook

Discover The Tools To Create Addictive Romantic Novels From Scratch That Your Readers Will Love Using Our Easy Step-By-Step Templates And Proven Formula. Make Money With Your Writing!

How To Write A Winning Fiction Book Outline – Science Fiction Workbook

Discover The Secret Formula Behind Planning Successful Science Fiction Stories From Scratch. A Step-By-Step Guide That Will Take You From A Blank Page To Publishing An Exhilarating Novel – FAST!

Plan Smart, Write Easy…with our Novel Writing Workbooks

The complete A-Z of planning, writing and publishing a fiction novel.

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The Contents of a Course Conveniently Contained in a Workbook…

✓ That question you have about writing a book? We answer it.

✓ That problem you have when it comes to outlining your novel? We solve it!

✓ That dream process you wish existed to get your novel completed? We’ve created it!

We’ve created a game-changing, zero-fluff, series of novel planning workbooks that will enable you to become a stand-out author.


  • Our secret weapon! Blast your competition out of the water!
  • Creating titles and sub-titles – hook your reader, get found on Amazon, sell more books.
  • Choosing character names/job roles from our researched list that fit in with your genre – no more head-scratching.
  • Writing jaw-dropping plot twists – easy with our new method!
  • Writing endings your readers will never see coming!

“This workbook has taken me from the first line and guided me step-by-step through every minute detail.” (Reviewer)

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We don’t just leave you there – extras include:

  • Writing a captivating blurb to help you sell your novel.
  • Creating a novel synopsis you will feel proud to send off to a publisher or competition.
  • Uncovering the secrets – what fiction readers want you to include/not include in your novel. Avoid mistakes other authors make!
  • Banishing the tropes and stereotypes that readers are sick of. Make your novel stand out.
  • Creating a book cover that will fit amongst the bestsellers in the genre. Give your readers no excuse but to discover you as their next favourite author and rip your book off the shelf!
  • 10% discount on your editing and another 10% off your proofreading! Save hundreds on your fees.
Our easy-to-fill-in templates walk you through the entire process. Your epic novel will build before your eyes.

“Perfect for NaNoWriMo!” (Reviewer)

Forget only writing one book, your readers will be crying out for more from you. Creating a book series will be a cinch – and a money-earner!

We use this system for our own fiction books – check out our reviews!

“It helps you avoid classic mistakes!” (Reviewer)

Give your readers a page-turner every single time.

“It is possible to have fun while planning!” (Reviewer)

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You will finally be able to see every single scene in your novel and how they fit together.

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For a one-off investment in yourself, you can write successful novels on repeat. Make hundreds if not thousands extra every month AND enjoy the whole process.

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