Why are over 30,000 authors choosing Publisher Rocket as their go-to book marketing tool?

Well, I’m proudly one of those 30,000.


I was also one of those people who subscribed to everything, bought every course, piece of software and then… didn’t do anything with them as I’d got myself into a bit of a tizzy – all overwhelmed.

Until a few months ago.

You may or may not know, but at Hackney and Jones, we publish fiction, non-fiction, notebooks, planners, and kids activity books. So we are busy – very busy! Time is very precious and if you show me a way of speeding up the laborious tasks, I’m in!

I realised I was leaning more heavily onto Publisher Rocket.

It also helps that they regularly update it (free of charge) with awesome new features. To be fair, it’s like they really listen to what we self-publishers want and need.

So what exactly is Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket will help you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers so you can spend less time marketing and more time writing.

But how do they do this?

Simply put, it’s software (at a ridiculously cheap price that I’m glad I got before they even think about making it a subscription-based model – so get in quick!)

You purchase, download and then it saves here:

This is what it looks like as soon as you open the Publisher Rocket app:

I’m just really glad some clever person invented this!
See EXACTLY how this section works by clicking HERE.

Basically, you can be really nosey!

And for business purposes, you can see if the niche you’re thinking about going after is worth it financially to you.

It was only through Publisher Rocket that I found out that instead of only settling for the 2 categories that you had to pick when you were uploading, that in fact you can have 10!

But which 10 is best for you?

Use the Publisher Rocket Categories Feature to discover awesome categories for your book (fiction or non-fiction) that you would have never have thought of before! I’m using this A LOT at the moment trust me!

As I’m starting to spend more on ads, I’ve used this more and more over the last few months, again, I’m finding keywords and products that are making my ads cheaper. Not sure how to do amazon ads? Publisher Rocket even shows you how in their FREE Course!I have personally taken their free course and I genuinely say it is worth it and enabled me to scale my ads.

As a business owner, I’ve made a vow to myself to ONLY recommend products that I have ACTUALLY used myself and Publisher Rocket is something I use almost on a daily basis to make profitable decisions.

So, if you’re interested to know how you can level up your self-publishing business in minutes!


And thank me later 🙂

Take care,

Vicky & Claire x

PS. When you get Publisher Rocket, let me know (in the comments or via our social media) and if you struggle with ANYTHING at all, tell me and I will personally help you out – sound good?


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