As well as writing and publishing gripping fiction thrillers, such as The DI Rachel Morrison series, Hackney and Jones also create life-changing self-help books too. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, overthinking or even plagued with negative thoughts, we have the book for you. Overcome the issues that are holding you back from living your best life TODAY by checking out our range of self-help books.

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How To Stop Overthinking In Relationships

Imagine being able to not care if you didn’t get that reply from a text or they didn’t answer your call right away. How would that feel? With How to Stop Overthinking in Relationships you will finally take back control of your life. You will understand the causes, triggers and why you respond the way you do to certain situations, even if you have tried all the other ways before. How to Stop Overthinking in Relationships answers all the relatable questions you can think of without the fancy jargon. You have been putting everybody else first until now, right? Now it’s the time to put yourself in the driving seat and see where this journey will take you.


Why Being An Introvert Is A Superpower

'Why Being an Introvert is a Superpower’ includes relatable scenarios and practical tips to help you thrive (not hide). Stop wasting time and energy on avoiding situations, instead, start living and embracing this Superpower of yours. In this easy to implement and enjoyable read, you will feel confident before the situations you usually dread and will go some way to understanding yourself better.

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Stop Anxious Thoughts Now

Do you feel like you are battling every second of every day just to complete ‘normal’ tasks? This book tackles every question you’ve wanted answering so that you can combat your chaotic thoughts. Filled to the brim of insightful practical advice that is easy to implement, you will make small but noticeable changes and gain a new perspective on how your mind flourishes.

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Build Positive Habits Now

This easy-to-read book delves into the secrets of sticking to positive habits. All the research has been done and is in one place so you don’t have to trawl the internet and waste hours of your precious time. Scientists say that if you stick to your positive habits, it will DOUBLE your success rate. So, this book is worth your small investment. You’ve not had the time or headspace before to do something about it, busy lives stop us from putting ourselves first, right? But this short book is your toolkit for change, picture your life in 6 months’ time when you have implemented the changes hidden in this book.

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How To Say Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone

How To Say Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone is the book to help you overcome both. With an easy-to-read approach, you will understand what's been holding you back and simple strategies to boost your confidence where your life opens up like you could never have imagined. Achieve goals you never thought possible and break free from the chains that have held you back.

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How To Remove Negativity From Your Life

Gain control back… start mastering your thoughts and emotions TODAY! According to the National Science Foundation, we have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative – Wow. No wonder you are feeling drained and weighed down. It feels a struggle to even function, right? When you are reading ‘How to Remove Negativity From Your Life' you will understand why you do the things you do. It is the key to your lock. With an easy-to-read writing style, you’ll want to make notes and keep coming back to this book and implement the strategies right away. The impact will be huge!

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Start Being Fearless, Stop Being Scared

Are you wanting to get energised, motivated and successful but fear is holding you back? Find your bravery in this book! You've felt stuck in a rut for too long and you feel like life is passing you by and yet you know it can be full of beautiful and exciting experiences, but something is stopping you, right? Fear. Jam-packed with lots of great tips and guidance and doesn't shy away from hard topics, you will be left feeling like you can take on the world! Written in a conversational, easy-to-follow style, you will feel like you're getting some friendly advice but a gentle kick up the butt at the same time.

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Why Living A Simple Life Is Better For You

‘Why Living a Simple Life is Better for You’ offers real insights. If you're feeling 'stuck', this is a great book to pick up and get your life moving again - even if it's only to blow out the cobwebs. Your house (and office) will be clearer and so will your mind. You will wonder why you didn’t do these things before! Start living in REAL freedom! This book: Helps you with the psychological reasons why we have clutter (If we know why we keep clutter we can make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again) Deals with the underlying issues - THIS is the secret to change!


How To Heal Toxic Thoughts

Discover the secrets of how to control your toxic, intrusive thoughts to where one day you will be able to tell people how you ‘used’ to struggle. Not sure where to start? ‘How to Heal from Toxic Thoughts’ offers insights even if you feel you’ve tried everything. Discover the causes of your toxic thoughts. Have the secrets to stop your overthinking in the first place. Get the inside knowledge on the myths surrounding toxic thinking. Know the tips and tricks to take back control – finally!