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What Story Will You discover?

Creative Writing Prompts

Jam-packed with story ideas – this Creative Writing Prompts guide is the game-changer you have been looking for!

Become unstoppable even if you're an introvert

Get Good At Problem Solving

Are you stuck in an endless loop of worrying about your problems with no clear pathway through to a solution? Ever wondered how everyone else does it? You need this book!

The Prequel to Meet me at 10


Destined for a completely different path in life, twenty-year-old Chloe Bruce’s world is shattered after a tragic accident on her father’s plantation in Alabama. Suddenly thrust into the limelight, as the new heir to the Bruce family business, she is sent off to university to study and equip herself with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed her father and fill his sizeable shoes.

But not everything in life can be learned from a textbook, as Chloe finds out when she meets Mia and Martin.

The Prequel to The Burying Place

The Nurse. The Teacher. The Gardener.

You have motive. You have means. Do you take the opportunity?

Three innocent people, from three different walks of life, are presented with an impossible decision.

Hours of fun for kids!

Dot-to-dot and fun colouring sheets

Have fun discovering who will appear…then colour them in!

Hours of fun for kids!

Fun word searches and mazes

Have fun searching for all the words and complete the cool mazes.

Look forward to

Writing your book


A beginners step-by-step guide to bringing your ideas to life.

Bucket list book 1

Project Me, Project You


How a bucket list saved my life … and how it can save yours too!

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