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Chloe - FREE E-book

Chloe - FREE E-book

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What if a life-shattering family tragedy forces you to completely rethink your future?


Destined for a completely different path in life, twenty-year-old Chloe Bruce's world is shattered after a tragic accident on her father's plantation in Alabama. Suddenly thrust into the limelight, as the new heir to the Bruce family business, she is sent off to university to study and equip herself with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed her father and fill his sizeable shoes.

But not everything in life can be learned from a textbook, as Chloe finds out when she meets Mia and Martin, two black residents of the small, forgotten town only a few miles from her university. Mia's dreams are big, too big the town would say. After witnessing Mia show courage in the face of adversity, Chloe hatches a plan to help Mia realise her dream of opening her own bakery.

Will Chloe and Mia's fortitude change the hearts and minds of a prejudiced town?

Chloe is the prequel to the captivating and heartbreaking novel Meet Me at 10.

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