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How To Heal Toxic Thoughts

How To Heal Toxic Thoughts

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Are you sick of your whole day being ruined due to overthinking?

Have you had enough of self-sabotaging everything good in your life?

Does it make you feel ashamed to have the thoughts that you do?

Do you want easy practical strategies to finally have a peaceful night’s sleep?

If you want to be able to wake up refreshed and finally be able to enjoy your life, then keep reading....

According to research conducted by the National Science Foundation, around 80 percent of our thoughts are negative and we have around 12,000-50,000 thoughts daily. That’s bound to have an impact on our mental health, isn’t it? You’re here because you want to turn things around, right? Discover the secrets of how to control your toxic, intrusive thoughts to where one day you will be able to tell people how you "used" to struggle. Not sure where to start? How to Heal from Toxic Thoughts offers insights even if you feel you’ve tried everything.

  • Discover the causes of your toxic thoughts.
  • Have the secrets to stop your overthinking in the first place.
  • Get the inside knowledge on the myths surrounding toxic thinking.
  • Know the tips and tricks to take back control, finally!

“Will it actually work for me though?”

“I’ve tried it all before.”

“I haven’t time to read ‘fluff’.”

I hear you. This audiobook was written for you. It deals with all of your questions in an easy-to-listen enjoyable format. Feel what it’s like to have a clear mind and be able to enjoy your surroundings. You’ve been struggling long enough, haven’t you? This is more than an audiobook, it’s your guide to a full night’s sleep and a sigh of relief. What would life look like if you don’t make this change? How would you feel in one years’ time?

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