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Meet Me At 10

Meet Me At 10

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Would you have the courage to risk your life for what is right?

Shona, Cuban, Elbie, and Chloe. Four lives inextricably linked. Will tragic events part them forever?

It’s 1958 and Shona Jackson is on the run again, forced to flee Mississippi and the town she’d called home. Arriving in Alabama, with hopes of saving up enough money to continue her journey to safety, she convinces Jeffrey Ellis, the wealthy co-owner of a machinery plant, to give her a job. There she strikes up a bond with Cuban.

Cuban is on a similar path to Shona. Relentlessly abused because of the color of his skin, his sole ambition is to earn enough to escape to New York, but Ellis’s brutal business partner, Larry Bruce, and his racist workforce are hell-bent on making Cuban’s life unbearable.

As events unfold, Shona also finds herself in Larry Bruce’s murderous sights.

Their only hope is Elbie, the elderly tool room supervisor, who has been covertly keeping a diary to one day expose all the horrific acts carried out over the last five years by Bruce and his associates.

But when Chloe Bruce, Larry’s beautiful daughter, returns from college and is introduced to the workforce, there are devastating consequences for all those involved.

Will Elbie’s diary end up in the wrong hands?

Will Cuban achieve his dream of making it to New York?

And will Shona’s past finally catch up with her?

Meet Me at 10 is the second novel in an epic historical fiction trilogy. If you like gripping pause-resisting, heroines with a heart, and captivating tales of love crossing boundaries, you’ll love this compelling and heart-breaking story of secrets too dangerous to confess in a time of cruel, unforgiving and relentless intolerance to difference. 

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