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Everyone has a secret. Hers could get her killed...

Mississippi, 1956. Shona Jackson knows two things—how to repair car engines and that her dark childhood secret must stay buried. On the run from Louisiana, she finds shelter from an unjust world in the home of a kindly old lady and a job as a mechanic. But a woman working a man's job can't avoid notice in a small town. And attention is dangerous, especially when it comes from one woman in particular…

Can Shona outrun the perils that threaten her, and finally settle down?

Or will her new, unexpected friendship attract a different kind of danger?

Captivating from the first page, Shona is the first unforgettable novel in a mesmerising, heart-wrenching historical fiction trilogy.

What our readers are saying:

"I haven't put this book down since this morning, I even cooked tea while reading it."

"This is an amazing book and part of the trilogy. It had me hooked from the beginning."

"A beautiful, captivating novel. I absolutely loved this. The writing was vivid and atmospheric, and a felt completely transported to time and setting."

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