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The Beach House

The Beach House

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How far would you go to protect your family?

New town. New life. Old enemies.

California, 1958. Shona and Chloe arrive at their beautiful new beach house with every intention of living a peaceful existence after a harrowing and heartbreaking few months in Alabama.

Now, with a garage to call her own and her dream home beside the Pacific Ocean, Shona is finally secure in her environment and feeling content for the first time in her turbulent life.

But when Chloe returns from the doctor’s office with news that will forever change the course of their carefully made plans, Shona is left reeling. Contemplating this new, unexpected turn of events, both Shona and Chloe are left to question how they will cope.

Especially when ghosts from their pasts arrive in town.

With the past and present colliding and threatening their future together, can Shona protect her new life and the lives of those closest to her?

The Beach House is the epic, beautifully written final part of an all-consuming historical fiction trilogy. If you like gripping finales, truly unforgettable characters, and tales of love overcoming all the odds, then you’ll be captivated by this compelling and life-affirming story of unbreakable bonds in the face of adversity.

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