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The Burying Place

The Burying Place

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Is there a killer on the Cornish coast? 

One high-profile case. No leads. No witnesses. And no body.

Amanda Walker’s mother is missing. Detective Inspector Rachel Morrison has no leads on the case, and time is running out. Amanda appeals to the public, but when no one comes forward, she chooses to immerse herself within a murderous underground group she believes is responsible for her mother’s disappearance.

The only person she confides in is her best friend Poppy. But will the group believe Amanda’s cover story? Or, is time running out for her, as well?

The Burying Place is the first novel in a heart-stopping, tense thriller fiction series. If you like small-town secrets and dark, twisted tales, you’ll love this latest nail-biting novel. Prepare to be astounded by the plot twist you never saw coming!

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